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I have been to French Border

Salam Eid Mubarak.

Just to share my trip to French border last February from Geneva.

This is a write up about that border.

The closest bigger French town to Geneva is Annemasse, located only 4 kilometers east from Geneva, so it actually merges with Geneva city and borders are practically non-existent – its all the way the urban area with regular streets, shops and restaurants.

Many people working in Geneva live here and travel to Geneva daily.

For a Geneva visitor, Annemasse is a great place to get a day break, get a coffee and French lunch, do some shopping or be accommodated here.

Prices are about half of those in Geneva.

The easiest way to reach Annemasse is to take the tram number 12 to Moillesulaz (final stop) and cross the French border there by foot (Moillesulaz-Douane at street Rue de Geneve).


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